OnZen Hair

Our hair and scalp are subjected to different influences every day – hot blow-drying, UV radiation, air, stress and much more. OnZen Hair consists of natural minerals and is suitable for all hair types. Whether for long, straight hair, fine hair, curly mane or color-treated / bleached hair.

OnZen Hair cleanses your hair gently with either the scalp or the hair structure damage due to its natural formula. This is made possible an invisible process, similar to a magnet works. Hair is a protein – also called keratin – a negative ion charge, the mineral soil, which has a positive ion charge that attracts.

OnZen Hair stimulates this with its active ingredient formula, the red blood cells and thereby improved considerably the blood circulation in the body and thus to a natural revitalization process of the scalp and the hair.

Udo Iden the respected German Hairdresser uses OnZen Hair

Click to view Onzen Hair with the respected Hairdresser Udo Iden from Germany - Video opens in a new browser tab

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Showing all 3 results