Onzen Products, OnZen Home Spa & OnZen Hair

The range of Onzen Products, OnZen Home Spa & OnZen Hair features finely bubbling Shower and Bath Tablets for body, skin and hair.

The natural spa products for home use

OnZen Home Spa

  • Fragrance-free and without dyes
  • Easy to use
  • Can help to reduce stress
  • Carbonated
  • Can help with skin irritations
  • Can make your skin softer
  • Increases blood circulation

The natural hot spring experience inside your own home

It is not always easy to find the perfect work-life balance. Often we have no time for a thoughtful moment of calm and serenity. OnZen Home Spa shower and bath tablets help you relax and take a well-deserved time-out.

Immerse yourself in your own Home Spa and enjoy your own feel-good moment. Take a moment and recharge your batteries. OnZen Home Spa can balance body and mind through the positive effects of natural hot springs.

At OnZen we have captured the positive effects of Carbonate and Bicarbonate into a single tablet. Through the reactions of these minerals with water, a small amount of Carbon Dioxide is released, which increases the blood circulation (Bohr effect) and stimulates the revitalisation process of the body and skin. This results in collagen repair and improved skin elasticity, manifested by a warm and relaxed sensation.

Should you not have the time for a long bath, take advantage of our special OnZen shower heads for a relaxing spa experience in your own shower.

OnZen Home Spa is available in packs of 10, 30 and 100 tablets.

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OnZen Home Spa

OnZen Home Spa is naturally fresh, improves blood circulation and warms the body.

OnZen Hair

  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Promotes strong and shiny hair
  • Fine hair gets more volume
  • Coloured / blond hair shines with fresh vitality
  • Ideal for the care of wigs and extensions, providing faster, easier cleaning

Your personal natural formula for healthy hair

Our hair and scalp are subjected to different influences every day – hot blow-drying, UV radiation, environmental pollution and stress can lead to damage of the hair structure. OnZen Hair is the perfect solution for every hair type.

Thanks to the gentle deep cleansing of hair and scalp, your hair shines in a new light, even after the first application. Oils and fats are removed using natural formulas which also promotes healthy growth. Hair becomes stronger, fine hair more voluminous and stubborn frizz can be reduced.

OnZen Hair is also suitable for the effective care of coloured and bleached hair as well as wigs or extensions.

At OnZen we take the concept of hair care literally.

OnZen Hair acts during the washing process, treating the water which in turn cleanses the hair gently. Due to the natural formula neither the scalp nor the hair structure is damaged.

The Science Bit!

The amazing effects of OnZen Hair are made possible by an invisible process, similar to the way a magnet works.

Our hair is a protein – also called keratin – which has a negative ion charge. Dirt and minerals have a positive ion charge which makes them stick to the hair.

OnZen Hair acts as if it is turning off the magnet thereby detaching the dirt and minerals from the hair, allowing them to be rinsed away more thoroughly than through the normal washing process.

In addition, OnZen Hair, with its active ingredient formula stimulates the red blood cells and improves the blood circulation in the body. This results in a natural revitalisation process of the scalp and the hair.

OnZen Hair is available in packs of 10, 30 and 100 tablets.

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OnZen Hair

Onzen Hair improves the circulation of blood and the natural process of hair revitalisation

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