FAQ Your OnZen bath & shower tablet questions answered

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FAQ Your OnZen bath & shower tablet questions answered

Where can I buy OnZen products?

Our OnZen products can be found in specialist shops, from your hairdresser and in pharmacies. In addition, you can OnZen products directly in our webshop here.

Is there OnZen product samples?

Unfortunately, there are no samples available of OnZen products at this time. However, we have created a small 10 tablet starter pack size so you can test the product for a small outlay.

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Am I using the correct amount of OnZen tablets?

For use with the Onzen shower head please use a new tablet in the head every time you shower. For use in the bath you use, depending on the bathtub size, 3-5 tablets. Dissolve the tablets in warm water and then soak 30-40 minutes, giving time to let Onzen act on the skin and body.

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