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The benefits of CO2 treatments for the hair and scalp – Adding value to hair salon services

The benefits of CO2 treatments for the hair and scalp – Adding value to hair salon services

One of the latest trends in Japanese hair salons is treating the hair and scalp with carbonated mineral water.

Since bathing in natural mineral springs is a century-old tradition in Japan its health benefits are long-established and have inspired salon owners to integrate these in their salon services. In the UK however the debate about benefits of CO2 treatments has only just started which is why we would like to provide you with a quick overview of their benefits.


What does CO2 do to the hair & scalp?

Water that is treated with CO2 has a strong negative ion charge which allows all positively charged impurities that attach themselves to the hair and scalp to be rinsed away thoroughly. This is a unique benefit that shampoos alone cannot deliver. In addition, carbon dioxide opens up the pores and its neutral pH-value improves blood circulation by stimulating the red blood cells. As a result, the hair and scalp are deeply cleansed, revitalised and the hair’s natural shine is revealed.

How can CO2 improve hair salon services?

Adding CO2 treatments to the portfolio of a hair salon significantly enhances the results of its existing services. Treating the water with CO2 does not replace shampoos or other hair care products but brings the effects of these to another level. Due to its ability of deeply cleansing the hair and scalp CO2 treatments also improve rinsing after chemical hair treatments such as colouring, making this process a faster and more thorough experience.

OnZen Hair carbonated tablets contain a balanced combination of carbonates and bicarbonates bringing the benefits of CO2 treatments to professional hair salons.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact page here or call us on 0116 2815 743

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OnZen have been appointed affiliate member of the nhf – national hairdresser federation

OnZen have been appointed affiliate member of the NHF – National Hairdresser Federation

After joining the Fellowship for British Hairdressing earlier this month we have now become member of the national hairdressers’ foundation (nhf), the UK’s largest trade association for hairdressing, barbering and beauty salon owners.

With a base of over 5,000 salon owners the nhf will give us the opportunity to reach out to a broad audience and present our product to the decision makers of the hairdressing industry.

Click here to read more about the nhf

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Beauty Bloggers publish insightful product reviews on OnZen Hair and Home Spa range

Beauty Bloggers publish insightful product reviews on OnZen Hair and Home Spa range

OnZen’s carbonated shower and bathing tablets have recently been tested and judged by several beauty bloggers and other professionals from the beauty industry. As a new brand creating an entirely new category in the overwhelming jungle of hair care products we are keen on receiving critical feedback from industry experts.

  • Professional Beauty Review - “We tried: Onzen Home Spa Shower and Bath Tablets” - Click to read more

Within the last few weeks beauty bloggers Sophie (Pretty and Polished Blog) and Sharon (Back To You Beauty Blog) as well as Beatrice from Professional Beauty have tested OnZen’s Hair and Home Spa products. Their feedback has been diverse but overwhelmingly positive.

Smoothing benefits of Home Spa bath

When testing OnZen’s Home Spa tablets the main benefit experienced by participants is softer skin that feels nourished and moisturised after the bath, certainly a rather unusual effect of bathing which often leaves the skin dry. Beatrice from Professional Beauty confirms however that she experienced “no need for an after bath cream that I would usually apply.” Moreover, she not only lists effects on her skin but as well on her general wellbeing, confirming that after the bath she felt recharged.

More shine and vitality for healthier hair

After washing their hair with OnZen Hair all women who tested agree that their hair has more shine after styling. Sharon adds that her hair generally felt revitalised, while Sophie noticed that what she calls her post-blow-dry frizz calmed down. Since the OnZen Hair tablets are used in conjunction with our designated shower heads we were also keen on hearing how the accessories performed during the trials. Although Sharon mentioned she would rather use OnZen on a weekly basis considering she has to change the shower head to use the product, Sophie emphasised how quickly the shower heads can be exchanged, she points out “I have had no issues with attaching the shower head – it was far easier than I thought!”

We would like to thank everyone who tested our products to date for the encouraging feedback and look forward to many more reviews in the future. If you have tried OnZen yourself, please share your thoughts and get in touch via

If you would like to read any of the reviews mentioned above, simply follow the links below:

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OnZen are members of the Fellowship For British Hairdressing Creative Excellence

We are proud to announce that our membership with the Fellowship for British Hairdressing has been officially approved.


Being part of the UK’s highly recognised organisation bringing leaders of British hairdressing together and promoting highest standards across the industry will certainly open new doors for our business.

We are looking forward to upcoming member’s events, particularly to engage with leading hairdressers and openly discuss the benefits carbonated water brings to the hair and its potential as valuable add-on for the salon service.

Click to read more about the Fellowship for British Hairdressing.

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OnZen at Professional Beauty London

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