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Olympic “cupping” trend promotes blood flow – Just like OnZen!

A new trend has occurred at the 2016 Rio Olympics – an ancient therapy called “cupping”.

Several athletes have been spotted with red circles on their body, among them US swimmer Michael Phelps. These marks are remains of the cupping therapy which is a form of acupuncture and particularly used to ease pains and support physical recovery.

The technique is practiced by shortly lighting flammable liquid in a glass cup which is then placed on the body. The suction created when the glass cools down makes it stick to the skin. This process increases the blood flow which supports muscle recovery after exercise. However, not only the new cupping trend promotes blood flow. OnZen’s carbonated tablets achieve the same results while not only leaving the skin circle-free but actually leaving it moisturised and soft.

Back detail of a young woman who just underwent an acupuncture fire cupping treatment

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Quanace Skincare customers approve OnZen carbonated tablets

After a product test with OnZen Hair and Home Spa Quanace Skincare customers approve OnZen

As part of a product test 20 customers of the skincare brand Quanace have tested OnZen Hair and OnZen Home Spa tablets. An online questionnaire was completed afterwards. The overall feedback is highly positive. 85% of respondents state they would like to use the product again. Around 70% of people confirm they noticed a positive effect of OnZen during their hair care or bathing routine compared to their usual experience. A majority of 14 people has tested OnZen Home Spa while 6 others tried the hair equivalent.

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Participants adding OnZen to their hair washing routine particularly confirm that their hair feels smoother during the wash. They also agree that it is easier to comb directly after washing. Moreover, three survey respondents each confirm that their hair is easier to style and feels less frizzy once dry.

On the other hand, Quanace customers approving OnZen Home Spa especially mention that the product helps them relax during the bath. For many the relaxed feeling lasts even long after the bath. Other benefits mentioned are the smoothing and moisturising effect on the skin.

Taking a closer look at who took part in the survey it can be concluded that half of respondents belong to the age group of 45 to 54 year olds and describe their ethnicity as ‘Black/ African/ Caribbean/ Black British’. This reveals that OnZen Hair and Home Spa work well for darker skins and frizzy, curly hair types.

Gloria Andrew, founder and CEO of Quanace Skincare is pleased with the results: “I personally really like OnZen and it’s great to hear that my customers share the same opinion. I’m looking forward to introduce OnZen into my business.”

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